CaboCréme can help you wean 

Congratulations! You have given your babe a great start in life! Now it’s time to wean. Let CaboCréme help you and your baby make a smooth transition.

If you desire to wean slowly, use CaboCréme when you drop a feeding or return to work and drop a pumping session or two. It’s easy to carry with you and apply when you feel fullness and would like to feed or pump to relieve the pressure. CaboCréme will reduce the pressure within 15-20 minutes. You can reapply as often as needed for comfort. Weaning slowly will allow you to continue “comfort feeds” as needed.

If you need to wean quickly, apply CaboCréme every 3-4 hours or more as needed. Do not pump or breastfeed. A supportive but not tight sports bra can help.

One tube is usually enough for weaning in the average sized woman. If you are DD or larger or you are a super producer you may need two tubes or more. Super producers often take longer to dry up than the average producer.

CaboCréme is made from concentrated cabbage extract so there is no need to use cabbage leaves.