Breast milk is good just not right now

Whether you choose not to breastfeed or cannot breastfeed at this time, CaboCréme can help avoid painful engorgement.

To suppress milk production prior to milk coming in, apply CaboCréme within 48 hours of delivery. Apply liberally over entire breast every 2-4 hours or more often if uncomfortable fullness occurs. CaboCréme will prevent milk production if used often.

To suppress milk production after it has started, apply CaboCréme liberally every 2-4 hours and wear a snug but not tight sports bra for support. CaboCréme relieves discomfort within 15-20 minutes. Reapply as often as needed. The more often CaboCréme is used the better it works.

Ice packs and cabbage leaves not required.

One tube is enough to suppress lactation in the average sized woman. If you are a DD or larger, we recommend two tubes.