Reduce Engorgement

What causes breast engorgement?

Engorgement is a painful swelling of the breasts. It usually occurs 2-5 days after delivery. The breasts typically feel hard, tender, and warm with tightly stretched skin and areola making it difficult to breastfeed or pump. Engorgement can extend into the underarm area.

Breast engorgement can be caused by an imbalance in milk supply and baby demand, oversupply, or decreased frequency of feedings. If left untreated mastitis can develop.

Symptoms of mastitis are fever above 100.6°F, red, painful breasts, flu-like symptoms, or chills.

Contact your health care practitioner if you experience these symptoms.

CaboCréme can reduce the discomfort of engorgement within 15-20 minutes allowing you to breastfeed or pump. For moms who produce too much milk, CaboCréme can be used to regulate the amount produced. Note of caution: the more you use, the better it works. The effects of CaboCréme wear off in about 4 hours. Overuse can cause decreased milk production.

CaboCréme is made from concentrated cabbage extract so there is no need to use cabbage leaves.