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Engorgement & Discomfort Relief

Fast, effective relief of discomfort during weaning.

Weaning & Discomfort Relief

Dry up breast milk or prevent milk from coming in.

Breast Milk Suppression


Just the right amount can relieve breast engorgement.

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Why CaboCréme?

The formulation allows breastfeeding moms to control all stages of breast milk production from initial engorgement, weaning, over-production, clogged ducts, or drying up.

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What Our Customers Are Saying.

Leah Bird

"I loved CaboCréme because it made the weaning experience a lot easier. I was terrified from all the horror stories about breastfeeding and weaning. It really helped with my engorgement and it actually works! It did the dang thing. Even my OBGYN was very impressed with how fast it worked!"

Irene Song

"This SAVED my life. With my first kid, I did not know about this and had to suffer hard - like, pain level 9 out of 10... when I had to suppress before I had to go back to work. With this crème, no pain at all and my milk decreased daily. By day 4, I did not have to pump at all. AMAZING product."


This. Is. Amazing. Dried up my milk in a matter of days. No mastitis. No pain. No side effects. I had so many complications after the birth of my daughter. I just couldn't take on the pain and stress of breastfeeding too. I am so happy with this product I'm recommending it to everyone.

Dr. Jill Farmar

Dr. Jill Farmar

CaboCréme was developed by board-certified Ob/Gyn, Dr. Jill Farmar in 2004. Dr. Farmar’s patients wanted something more convenient and effective than cabbage leaves and cold packs so Dr. Farmar collaborated with a biochemist from a top-notch cosmetic lab in her hometown of Dallas, Texas to formulate CaboCréme.

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