"This SAVED my life! With this creme, my milk decreased daily and by day four I did no have to pump at all. AMAZING product!"


"Gamechanger for weaning. Worth EVERY penny!"


"This. Is. Amazing. Dried up my milk in a matter of days. I'm so happy with this product! I'm recommending to everyone!"


"This is the only thing that helped me with recurring clogged ducts. Cannot recommend enough if you're breastfeeding. "

stop breastfeeding, clogged ducts, dry up breast milkstop breastfeeding, clogged ducts, dry up breast milk

Why Cabbage Extract?

Cabbage leaves are widely-known for their wellness benefits with roots in traditional remedies across cultures, especially for postpartum women.

Created by Dr. Jill Farmar, our line harnesses the rich, enzymatic power of concentrated cabbage extract and other botanicals to remove the guesswork and provide a modern, safer, and more effective way to find comfort again.

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