Your breasts don't have to be painful or uncomfortable during your breastfeeding journey.

Find comfort from engorgement when weaning from breastfeeding, pumping, or drying up breast milk.

Control oversupply and reduce clogged ducts with the world's first cabbage extract cream.

Nourish. Repair. Recover.

Introducing Postpartum Sitz & Bath Salts for episiotomy, tearing, and hemorrhoid relief.

This SAVED my life! With my first kid, I did not know about this and had to suffer hard - like pain level 9 out of 10 when I had to suppress before I had to go back to work. With this creme, no pain at all and my milk decreased daily and by day four I did no have to pump at all. AMAZING product!


This. Is. Amazing. Dried up my milk in a matter of days. No mastitis. No pain. No side effects. I had so many complications after the birth of my daughter, I just couldn't take on the pain and stress of breastfeeding too. I'm so happy with this product! I'm recommending to everyone!


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