CaboCreme for drying up breast milk

Cabbage Cream: A Modern Approach for Postpartum Breasts

Swollen and engorged breasts can be incredibly uncomfortable during the first days and weeks after delivering your baby. For new mothers, this discomfort can be a significant challenge, making the postpartum period even more demanding.

Among the many natural remedies for breast engorgement, one stands out for its long history and effectiveness: cabbage leaves.

The Time-Honored Remedy: Cabbage Leaves

Though it might seem like an unlikely ally, cabbage has supported women for thousands of years.
This cruciferous vegetable is not just a kitchen staple but also a powerful remedy for postpartum breast engorgement. Cabbage leaves are known for their naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties, making them an essential tool for new mothers.

How Cabbage Works

While the exact mechanism that makes cabbage so effective for breast engorgement remains somewhat of a mystery, research is getting closer to pinpointing the specific enzymes responsible for relieving swollen tissues.

What we do know is that cabbage leaves have natural anti-inflammatory properties, which likely play a critical role in their usefulness. It's believed that the leaves may absorb some of the excess fluid from the breasts, helping to ease the fullness of the tissue and reduce discomfort.Additionally, cabbage leaves can help increase overall feeding time for breastfeeding mothers.

The cabbage juice is absorbed and is known to work directly on the lacto-trophs, or milk-producing cells, potentially making breastfeeding more comfortable and effective.

A Modern Approach to Cabbage Compresses

While cabbage leaves are undoubtedly effective, they come with some practical challenges.

Fresh cabbage leaves need to be carefully positioned and can have a strong smell, making them less convenient for use, especially in public or during work hours. Enter CaboCréme, the world's first cabbage leaf cream designed specifically for breastfeeding and weaning mothers.

CaboCreme: Harnessing the Power of Cabbage Leaves

CaboCréme provides all the benefits of cabbage leaves in a more convenient and concentrated form. It's made with cabbage leaf extract, allowing you to quickly and discreetly apply it even during a quick break at work. Unlike raw cabbage leaves, CaboCréme is easy to apply and completely unobtrusive, making it a perfect solution for busy moms.

CaboCréme is so effective for engorgement that mothers can use it long-term to reduce milk supply and assist with weaning.

From easing engorgement in the early days of breastfeeding to helping dry up the milk supply when it's time to start weaning, CaboCréme is a versatile and powerful remedy that new mothers will be glad to have on hand.

The Benefits of CaboCreme

  • Convenience: No need to deal with the hassle of preparing and positioning cabbage leaves. Simply apply the cream as needed.
  • Discretion: CaboCréme can be used discreetly, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go.
  • Effectiveness: Harnesses the natural anti-inflammatory properties of cabbage leaves to relieve engorgement and support weaning.
  • Versatility: Suitable for use throughout the breastfeeding journey, from the early days of engorgement to the final stages of weaning.

Breast engorgement is a common and uncomfortable issue for many new mothers, but with the power of cabbage leaves and the convenience of CaboCréme, relief is within reach.

This modern solution offers all the benefits of traditional cabbage compresses without the mess and inconvenience, making it easier for moms to focus on what matters most: their new baby.

Whether you're dealing with engorgement in the early days of breastfeeding or looking to reduce your milk supply as you begin weaning, CaboCréme is here to help.