CaboCreme for drying up breast milk

Cabbage Cream for Breasts: How Does It Work?

Engorged breasts can present a frequent discomfort for breastfeeding mothers. Among the many natural remedies for engorgement is the powerful cabbage leaf. Though this vegetable may seem like an unlikely ally, there's much to be gained from a handy tube of cabbage cream. Mothers can use this product for many purposes throughout all phases of breastfeeding.

The Time-Tested Use of Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage leaves have long been used to relieve engorgement for breastfeeding mothers. Placing clean cabbage leaves directly on the skin is a time-tested treatment. Keeping the leaves on for just 20 minutes typically provides noticeable relief. Some mothers opt to chill or even freeze the leaves, but room temperature cabbage works just as well.

How Cabbage Works

The exact mechanism that makes cabbage so effective for breast engorgement is unknown. Cabbage leaves are known to have natural anti-inflammatory properties which likely play a critical role in their usefulness. It's believed that the leaves may absorb some of the fluid from the breasts, helping to ease the fullness of the tissue. Cabbage leaves can also help increase overall feeding time for breastfeeding mothers. The cabbage juice is absorbed and is known to work directly on the lactotrophs or milk producing cells.

Modern Approach to Cabbage

Cabbage cream (Trade name:Cabocreme) made with cabbage leaf extract can provide the benefits of the cabbage leaf in a form that's more convenient and concentrated. Mothers can apply the cream quickly and discreetly, even during a quick break at work. While cabbage leaves smell like cabbage and require careful positioning, the cream is easy to apply and completely unobtrusive. Cabbage cream is so effective for engorgement that mothers can use it long-term to reduce milk supply and assist with weaning.

From easing engorgement in early breastfeeding to drying up the milk supply when it's time to start weaning, cabbage cream can help. Mothers will be glad to have this powerful remedy on hand.