mother breastfeeding child

What They Don't Tell You About Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding is a natural process, it doesn't come without its fair share of weird experiences. Think about it: your breasts have served an entirely different purpose for the majority of your life, and suddenly, in a matter of days, they transform into a vital source of sustenance and survival for someone else. 

It's a whole new world, and it can be overwhelming. So, buckle up and prepare for the strange (yet perfectly normal) things that may happen while nursing.

When Your Boobs Become an Unexpected Wake-Up Call:


Amidst the sleepless nights courtesy of your demanding newborn, another player keeps you wide awake: your very own breasts. It's as if they possess an unwavering alarm system that signals feeding time. While it may feel like breastfeeding consumes your entire existence, this phase is transient, lasting only a fleeting few months. 


Baby Whacks and Love Taps:


While the image of breastfeeding often evokes tenderness and love, let's acknowledge a lesser-discussed reality. Some babies unleash their inner strength during nursing sessions. Gentle "love taps" are not uncommon as they playfully seek your attention or express their deep satisfaction with the nursing experience. It's their charming way of conveying appreciation.


Unanticipated Sleepiness:


Breastfeeding works its magic beyond lulling your little one to sleep. The hormone prolactin, responsible for milk production, can induce drowsiness in you as well. Maintaining an upright position will help combat the urge to doze off. 


Prepare for a Sensation That's Both Tingly and Unusual:


Once initiated into the realm of breastfeeding, you've discovered the marvel known as the "letdown" — the moment when your breasts graciously relinquish milk to nourish your baby. Each person's letdown is a unique adventure. Some will encounter a tingling sensation, while others may develop an unquenchable thirst. 


Embrace the weirdness, for it is a testament to the beautiful and transformative power of motherhood. Remember, you are on an incredible journey, navigating uncharted territories with courage and love. Trust in your instincts, believe in yourself, and revel in the magic of breastfeeding.