Benefits of Cabocreme

Dry Up Your Breast Milk: CaboCréme vs No Flow Tea

Both CaboCréme and No Flow Tea can be used to help slow milk supply naturally. Weaning off of breastfeeding or pumping too quickly can result in engorged breasts, inflammation, discomfort, clogged milk ducts, and even mastitis. These products can make the transition more comfortable and convenient. It's important for mothers to understand how these products work so they can find the right solutions when they're looking for a way to ease engorgement and wean off of breastfeeding.

How To Use It

CaboCréme is a topical product that mothers apply directly to the breast. Users simply massage the cream into the skin. Those suffering from painful engorgement will notice results in as little as 15 or 20 minutes. The effects of CaboCréme wear off after about four hours. This is a versatile product that can be used sparingly for relief from engorged breasts or used frequently as a means of drying up the milk supply. The cream is absorbed directly into the breast tissue to decrease the milk supply, swelling, and inflammation.

No Flow Tea comes in herb-filled sachets that mothers must steep in water for five minutes. Each packet of tea makes about 8 ounces. Mothers are advised to drink between one and three cups per day as needed. The tea is formulated to reduce milk production and provide relief from engorgement. It may also help with stress.

What's In the Product

CaboCréme contains natural extracts from the cabbage leaf. Cabbage leaves have long been used as a natural remedy to help dry up milk supply. However, keeping cabbage on hand isn't always easy, and applying the crushed leaves to the breast for the suggested hour is cumbersome for busy mothers not to mention the smell of warm cabbage wafting up. CaboCréme delivers superior results using a formula that relies upon the natural properties of the cabbage leaf for a modern approach to a time-tested favorite. CaboCreme is a concentrated cabbage extract in a silky lotion with a hint of lavender oil.

No Flow Tea contains sage to reduce breast milk, parsley to offer relief from engorgement, and peppermint for stress support. The ingredients also include organic hibiscus and licorice. The resulting flavor is a refreshing floral mint.

When to Use CaboCréme

Mothers can easily use CaboCréme any time they need relief from engorgement. It's simple to toss the bottle into the diaper bag and keep the cream handy. Those who are actively weaning off of breastfeeding should keep the cream nearby and use it throughout the day for the best results. Since this requires nothing more than a quick topical application, it can be done anywhere there's a moment of privacy.

When to Use No Flow Tea

No Flow Tea is great for mothers who want to reduce milk flow, but shouldn't be used for engorgement relief. To get the best results, mothers should use the tea daily. It's best to get into a routine of preparing the tea in the morning or before bed. This remedy isn't as easy to travel with since it requires hot water for steeping.

Mothers can use both CaboCréme and No Flow Tea concurrently when they're actively working to reduce their milk supply. Since these products work differently, they may offer powerful results. For a handy go-everywhere solution, however, CaboCréme wins.