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Not Planning to Breastfeed? 3 Must-Have Essentials

As your due date approaches, you're likely filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world. Among the myriad of tasks on your pre-baby checklist, packing your hospital bag is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and comfortable labor and delivery experience. 

Whether you've made the decision not to breastfeed or circumstances have led you down this path, rest assured that you can still approach your postpartum journey with confidence and preparedness. We’re always inspired by Mallory Whitmore at The Formula Mom, and she’s an amazing resource if you need additional support. 

In the meantime, here are three must-have essentials that will go a long way to support your comfort (and help you avoid some of the intense pains of drying up your milk). 

CaboCréme: Your Solution for Engorgement Relief

Engorgement can be a common occurrence for non-breastfeeding moms as your body adjusts to the changes post-delivery. (Think hot, swollen, painful-to-the-touch breasts). To alleviate discomfort and expedite the drying-up process, consider packing CaboCréme Extra Strength in your hospital bag.

This natural cream is specially formulated to provide relief from engorgement, thanks to its blend of soothing ingredients like cabbage leaf extracts and grapeseed oil. Far superior to simply using cabbage leaves, CaboCréme is microbially tested and expedites the benefits through concentrated extracts that get to work quickly. With CaboCréme by your side, you can navigate the postpartum period with greater comfort and ease.

Peppermint or Sage Tea: Nature's Comfort

Both peppermint and sage tea have been traditionally used to help suppress lactation and alleviate breast discomfort.

Consider bringing along a few tea bags of peppermint or sage tea to enjoy during your hospital stay. Not only can these herbal brews help reduce milk production, but they also offer a comforting and soothing beverage option during this transitional period (and your local hospital or birth center may not have it right on hand).

High-Quality Sports Bra: Get the Best Support

Investing in a high-quality sports bra is essential for your postpartum comfort and support, especially if you're not planning to breastfeed. Look for a bra that offers a blend of comfort, functionality, and style.

Some of our favorite brands like Bodily or Victoria's Secret offer a range of sports bras designed to provide the support you need while keeping you feeling confident and comfortable. A well-fitting sports bra can also help provide the necessary support as your body adjusts post-delivery.

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, remember that every mother's journey is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to postpartum care. By packing your hospital bag with thoughtful essentials tailored to your needs as a non-breastfeeding mom, you can approach your postpartum journey with confidence and peace of mind. 

From CaboCréme for engorgement relief to peppermint or sage tea for lactation suppression, and a high-quality sports bra for comfort and support, these essentials will help you navigate the early days of motherhood with grace and ease. Embrace this transformative time with confidence, knowing that you are prepared and supported every step of the way.