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4 Reasons to Recommend CaboCréme to Expecting Mothers

reduce engorgement - cabocremeBreastfeeding is the perfect food for babies, delivering all the nutrients their growing brains and bodies need. However, so many moms suffer trying to give their babies what they need. A 2020 UK study found more than 70% of women experience pain during breastfeeding

As you probably see in your practice, many believe they must endure the agony or stop nursing altogether. As an OB-GYN, midwife, or practitioner, you can guide your patients toward better solutions to ensure a successful breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) experience, like CaboCréme

Here are four reasons the expecting and nursing mothers in your practice can benefit.  

1. It can help prevent a variety of breast issues.

Breastfeeding women experience pain for many reasons. There may be a single cause of pain or several contributing factors. As an OB-GYN herself, our founder created our flagship formula, CaboCréme to help balance milk production and help prevent common issues, including engorgement, mastitis, milk suppression, and overproduction of breast milk. 

It’s made with concentrated cabbage leaf extract to help balance the milk production for women at all phases of breastfeeding - from new moms starting their breastfeeding journey to moms weaning their babies off the breast.

 A handy table on CaboCréme's website shows which formulation works best for common breast and nursing problems.

2. It's an Effective Natural Product

Moms are careful about the products they use, so finding a natural solution that actually works like CaboCréme can be a godsend. We searched high and low to find a product like this, and simply decided to create it ourselves. It’s 100% all-natural active ingredients from cabbage leaf extract for the peace of mind of moms everywhere. Since it's safe for babies, there's no need to wash the cream off before nursing.

There are plenty of natural products that only produce minimal results, but this isn't one of them. The CaboCréme team doesn't want women to suffer from pain a moment longer than they have to. That's why it's created creams that work fast. We’ve seen women find relief from engorgement in just 15 to 20 minutes, so they can breastfeed or pump shortly after applying our product. The more cream that patients use, the more effective it is, so OB-GYNs should encourage their patients to apply it liberally for the best results.

3. It's Backed By Science

CaboCréme is the brainchild of Dr. Jill Farmar, a board-certified OB-GYN. As an OB-GYN, she understands what new mothers need for their health and happiness. She created her product with the help of an expert team at a leading Dallas biochemist lab. OB-GYNs can feel confident recommending CaboCréme to their patients because it has real medical knowledge behind it.

4. It's Accessible

Patients want products they can easily find and easily afford. CaboCréme's partnerships with leading retailers Amazon, Walmart, and Kidsland ensure these creams are available where moms like to shop. As CaboCréme is available without a prescription, they can also buy it online. That's a real blessing for busy moms.

CaboCréme understands new parents are often overwhelmed by expenses. Babies don't come cheaply and most families have their incomes cut for at least the first few months. A tube of CaboCréme starts from just $28.95, so it's an affordable way to bring new moms some much-needed relief.

CaboCréme is available in regular and extra strength formulations, so there's one to suit every mom out there. If you’re a practitioner, visit to learn more about these exciting products improving the lives of new moms everywhere.