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3 Natural Ingredients for Breast Engorgement

Whether you’re nursing the days away or you’ve decided to wean your baby, engorgement and mastitis can be extremely painful. We talk so much about the days and months leading up to birth. However, you will hear almost nothing about the postpartum experience itself (breast care included). 

If you’re in this boat like so many moms are, there are three ingredients that can really help you feel more comfortable. Learn how these three ingedients can help you make your way through the journey. 

Cabbage for Breast Engorgement

cabbage leaves for breast engorgement

Cabbage, like other cruciferous vegetables, is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. While it’s sometimes considered an old wives tale, it’s actually very effective at reducing the pain that comes with breast engorgement. 

Because it’s not always easy to walk around with cabbage in your bra, you can seek out products with key ingredients like concentrated cabbage extract for more flexible support while you’re breastfeeding or reducing your milk supply.

Grapeseed Oil

grapeseed oil for breast engorgement

Grapeseed oil has some astringent properties. This means that it can contract body tissue. Which is helpful when you’re wanting to ease out of the fullness of engorgement. It’s incredibly soothing and nourishing for your skin.

It can help relieve pain, reduce stretch marks, and generally help you feel more comforted when your breasts are swollen. Grapeseed oil is antimicrobial, absorbs easily, and helps tighten the skin when you’re wanting to bring a bit of rejuvenation breasts that feel tired and taught. It’s also safe to use for nursing little ones. 

Applying grapeseed oil to engorged breasts can help to reduce inflammation and decrease discomfort. It’s natural, effective, and fragrance free. 

Cucumber Extract

natural ingredients for breast engorgement

Cucumber extract can be effective at reducing inflammation and irritation, as it contains Vitamin C, antioxidants, and proteins. Similar to grapeseed oil, cooling and soothing cucumber extract is a natural astringent, and one of our favorite ways to nurture your body. 

If you’re currently breastfeeding, look for cucumber extracts that are free of unnecessary ingredients like petroleum-based chemicals and parabens. These harsh ingredients may lower the effectiveness of natural cucumber extract and result in additional irritation or inflammation. We only use the highest quality cucumber extract in CaboCreme, and so you can trust that you’re doing everything you can to bring comfort to your body. 

If you’re struggling with swollen breasts or dreaded Mastitis, you can often get near-immediate relief by trying one of these natural ingredients. The wonderful news is that CaboCreme focuses on all three of these key ingredients to give mom’s struggling with engorgement the best support available.